After moving to a 1acre property with a native plant setting, repairing fences and gates and some of the landscaping we decided to get some advice about planting a few extra plants. Through Kuranga Native Nursery we were put in touch with Ben Clark who owns Kangaroo Paw Landscapes.

To his credit Ben offered us a number of options ranging from a selecting a few extra plants through to a re-design of the whole property. We decided to at least see what could be done with an already lovely setting. Ben’s ultimate vision and plans were incredible, blending an extensive knowledge of plants with some brilliant landscaping ideas. The design incorporated ideas including extensive re-paving, remodelling of pool landscaping, eventually a new spa design, a natural billabong and water feature, new driveway, redesigned front fencing and over 1000 new plants.

When the project began in March 2016 we were provided with extensive plans and documentation and written introductions to the tradesmen involved. Steve, Lachy, Sam and Ben himself were not only hardworking, but a pleasure to deal with and took great care and pride in their work.

Over a period of many months they worked diligently to transform the majority of the garden. All of the work done was of a very high standard. For example, the team had to complete large areas of random patterned Castlemaine Slate paving. They did this meticulously to produce a beautiful natural result around the whole house. This included a new spa which included Ben’s concept of water bubbling from the ground like a natural spring and a natural pool waterfall.

The planting was done with careful preparation with some great specimen trees such as four beautiful Queensland bottle trees. The pool and front fencing was completed with radially sawn battens formed into curves with a fantastic sculptural appearance. Ben’s design of a billabong with surrounding ferns and natural cascade of water in a shaded area also emerged out of the excavated earth under lights one evening.

Even unexpected ‘extras’ were approached with good humour and care, including the removal of a thick concrete slab to lower paving areas and the repair of rotten wooden pylons outside. Ben came up with a great solution which was executed by his team with patience and workmanship.

I haven’t mentioned a number of other work including rainwater tanks, irrigation system, work-shed and wood storage area, 2 levels of sloping lawn, decking, exposed aggregate driveway and a landscaped front verge.

Throughout this whole complex and at times, challenging project the whole team maintained good humour and were careful with avoiding damage to existing large trees and the house. We actually enjoyed the process and the daily interaction with the team. Special mention must go Steve’s excavation skills, Steve and Lachy’s Castlemaine jigsaw paving skills and Sam’s dripline plumbing expertise.

Over one year after the project began, many of the plants have begun to mature and fill out. We now appreciate Ben’s design and planting and the teams hard work even more. The entire process of design, construction and follow up has been trouble and stress free. We couldn’t recommend Ben and his team highly enough to anyone who is interested in an innovative, relaxing and beautifully executed outside space.